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Rare Planten Dagen - Pinksteren

11 sep 2018

We like to share our love for special plants Welcome to visitors from outside NL

Welcome to visitors from outside NL


Some basic information and tips about using this site or visiting the nursery


Our nursery & gardens and this website are being visited by more and more plant lovers from outside the Netherlands. We appreciate your interest in our plants, our gardens and our special activities; you're more than welcome to visit!

At the moment this site is only in dutch, which could be a problem for most of you. We hope to realise an english version in 2018. For now we can give you the following basic information and tips about using this site, getting inspiration on special plants and visiting the nursery.

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   NPC Echinacea


Finding plants

You can browse through our catalogue by clicking on the picture of the Echinacea with the text 'PLANTEN CATALOGUS' (upper right of every page).

To indicate the conditions in which the plants will flourish we use symbols that are international. It's good to know the meaning of the following dutch words:

  • Kleur: color
  • Bloeitijd: flowering time
  • Hoogte: height
  • Standplaats: light conditions (full sun/partly shade/shady)
  • Bodem: humidity of the soil
  • Winterhardheid: hardiness


Plant Collections

We hold the Dutch National Plant Collections of Salvia and Echinacea. Further on we specialise in Epimediums and unusual woodland plants, prairie plants, ornamental grasses and jungle plants. In spring we have a wide range of Clematis and annuals. In autumn we offer a nice collection of fruit trees.


No mail order

Due to an extremely busy spring, at the moment it is not possible to order plants. Maybe we will re-open our mail order service later this year. However, we do accept orders to bring plants to the plant fairs in which we are participating. Just send an email with your wishes to kwekerij@tuingoedfoltz.nl

You can meet us at the following plant fairs:

  • June 2/3: Pflanzenmarkt Stickhausen (D)
  • June 15-17: International Nursery Days Bingerden near Arnhem (NL)
  • August 25/26: Pflanzenmarkt Kiekeberg near Hamburg (D)
  • September 1/2: Berliner Staudenmarkt (D)
  • Octobre 6/7: Autumn Plant Fair, Great Dixter (UK)
  • Octobre 12-14: Tuindagen Beervelde near Gent (B)




Private and group visits

The nursery is open from the third weekend in March until the end of October. Our gardens open the 1st of April and close the 30th of October. You're welcome on tuesday through saturday and the first and third sunday of the month from 10:00 through 17:00.

For groups we offer special arrangements (only by appointment)

  • A. Introduction about the nursery & gardens plus coffee/tea/cakes plus free visit to the gardens: € 2,50 p.p.
  • B. As above plus a guided tour through the gardens: € 4,50 p.p.

If you have special wishes, please let us know.

We're happy to inform you about other interesting gardens in our neighbourhood; there are quite a lot. Also information about B&B's, hotels, restaurants, etc. are of course available.

Introduction and tour can be given in english or german or in very basic french.

We look forward to show you around our nursery!

  Salvia Garden